When is the new update coming?

Discussion created by Jerry_G on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by Jerry_G
When will the new update be here? Mike, in your last post you said that the errors in AGO will be fixed with the new update and knowing when that will happen will help in coming up with timelines for projects. I was also curious if their are more problems in AGO for organizations than in the free version. 

Also two new errors:

1) When I change the pop up order and save it, the pop up will revert to the original order. I have done this many many times and this error just started this morning.

2) When changing the list order in the configure attributes window the window turns white.  This has happened in the past regularly and all I had to do is click the window and the text will reappear but now that trick does not work. I can change the order in the pop up properties box but it would be nice if both options were available.