Measuring distances

Discussion created by jomaroval on Feb 6, 2013
I am totally new to ArcGIS.
I want to get some geographical data.

I've got information about coordinates of all municipalities in Mexico. I need to measure distances between each municipality and the
lines linking other pair of municipalities:
for example: I got Municipality A and municipality B and I want to get the distance in km of a third municipality, say C to the line that joins A and B. and so on for a set of lines and the rest of the municipalities.

I need this measures for a research project, I am applying a methodological strategy used by some authors but for the mexican case
and they got these measures using ArcGIS software. I suppose it is not that hard to do so, since it seems to be a simple task

I have alredy taken an introductory tutorial for ArcGIS and I would be very thankful if somebody could tell me how to get these measrues or a tutorial that allows me to know how to do so.