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Workflow Manage Custom Step Error

Question asked by keamrstrong on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by keamrstrong
I am trying to create a custom Workflow Manager step that uses the DefenseMappingSteps.CreateChildJobsAdvancedStep Custom Step Object.  Unfortunately, when I run the custom step I get an error saying "Invalid database name [WMXDB:WMX:GridFeatures]". This is because I am trying to use the OverlapFeatureClassName argument.  In the Step Type Properties dialog the text in the Arguments field currently says: /aoiOverlapFeatureClassName:"WMXDB:WMX:GridFeatures".  Can someone please point out what I am doing incorrectly?  The only help document I can find ( says that the argument should be a "fully qualified feature class name" which I thought this was.  I am using Workflow Manager 10 Build 379.