ArcHydro 2.1 (ArcGIS 10.0\10.1) ArcPy Documentation

Discussion created by Playa on Feb 6, 2013
Is anyone aware of any ArcPy documentation for ArcHydro. I've seen numerous posts where individuals have started using python to some extent to run ArcHydro Tools. I was anware that ArcHydro Tools were accessible through Python or ArcPy. Is there any documention on the ArcHydroTools Python\ArcPy Module as mentioned in the following post"


2. We have precompiled the tools from the toolbox in a module called ArcHydroTools so that you do not have to redo the import each time which takes a long time... Then in your script you will need to add:

import ArcHydroTools

and call the tools with:
ArcHydroTools.AssignHydroID(tmpPolyFC, "OVERWRITE_YES")

Christine Dartiguenave
Esri Water Resources Team