Keeping old ArcGIS settings during new student installation

Discussion created by DAFoxFL on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by Dan_Patterson
I am a PhD student and need to use ArcGIS for more than one year.

Last year I installed a single-use student edition (10.0) on my laptop and spent a lot of time getting my desktop menu bars arranged and customized.

Last week my license expired and I have in front of me a new student edition of the software (10.1) and have authorized the software on-line.

Before I begin the reinstall, which requires nuking my previous installation, are there any files I can back up that will save my customizations?

My university owns a huge site license. Since I work remotely (off the network), and often use my laptop in the field disconnected from the internet, my understanding is that I cannot take advantage of the site license because I can not always connect to the university license server every time I fire up ArcGIS. Is this one year student edition my only option?

David Fox
University of Florida
School of Forest Resources and Conservation