Setting up a geoprocessing service

Discussion created by SamuelHenderson on Feb 5, 2013
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Hello all,

First let me say that although I've done quite a lot of work on ArcEngine and ArcObjects stuff I have never dealt with geoprocessing services.

What I need to do is set up a geoprocessing service that will be accessible by an ASP.Net webpage.  What will happen is that a user will enter information on a series of webforms.

The current workflow is like this:

  1. User enters data into webform

  2. The website saves the data to a standalone SQL Server Database

  3. The user closes the webpage, opens arcmap, adds a new point to a Layer/featureclass in our SDE Geodatabase and then fills out all the fields for the point with the data just entered on the webform.

What I would like to do is something like:

  1. User enters data into webform

  2. When the webform is saving the data to the database it calls a geoprocessing service to create the point and add the data automatically so the user doesn't have to mess around in arcmap.  Ideally I don't want the user (who is not a GIS technician) to see a map at all.

I've already ensured that my organization has the required ArcServer license to do this ... So what's the best way to accomplish what I am trying to do?  I looked into the Data Management Tools of ArcMap's Geoprocessing ArcToolbox but I didn't see any way to modify a featureclass (aside from creating random points).  I'm pretty handy at Python and ArcPy so if needed I can whip something in that as well.