Why use ArcGis Online we have ArcGis Enterprise Server?

Discussion created by mobotgarden on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2013 by andyinscotland
I've been asked  why do we need a subscription for ArcGis Online when we have an ArcGis Server with an Enterprise license.  What are the advantages of ArcGis Online over an ArcGis Server, if any?  I need a business reason to justify the expense of the subscription.

A few months back I attended an ArcGis Online demo and I asked why you still needed an ArcGis server if you have an ArcGis Online subscription.  And the answer was ArcGis Online didn't yet offer all the features that a server provides.  Is there a matrix that details the differences in the features between the two.

I work as a sys admin who manages the ArcGis Server.  I'm not a Gis Desktop Analyst with an in depth knowledge of the product gained from working with it eight hours a day.