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Route Display with Frequency

Question asked by obinem on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by obinem

I generated a route layer from a table that includes columns for start and stop destinations (city, state for origin and destination respectively) and also columns for annual mileage and frequency of trips between those 2 columns (origin and destination).

When I load origin and destinations as stops and solve the route analysis, I get my route layer but I would like to be able to show which routes occurred the most or which routes have the most annual mileage between them? I already have the data in the table just need to visualize it on the map.

I tried Spatial Analyst tool --> Line Density but that seems to give me a density map based on cluster of lines to each other not quite the representation I want. A bunch of lines could be clustered around one city but most of the truck routes could be heading the other way (hope this is not confusing).

Any pointers would be appreciated. It could be as simple as a gradient on the route lines based on frequency column.