dijit.Legend not refresing on map zoom

Discussion created by deepsheep on Feb 4, 2013
I'm really new to the Javascript API, so I'm hoping there's just something really stupid I'm missing.

I've got a really simple map based on one of the sample maps.  I've repointed it to some of our services and the map loads fine.  My only problem (today) is with the legend.

When the legend loads, it displays the layers that are currently visible.  When I zoom, I expect the legend to load the layers that have become visible at the scale range.

Based on my reading of the documentation, it should do it automatically.  But it doesn't.  So, I'm hoping there's some stupid little thing I need to do.

I'm using some 10.0 services and some 10.1 services and seem to have the same results with each.

I'm creating the legend like so:
legendDijit = new esri.dijit.Legend({map:map},"legend");

My dev machine is behind our firewall, so I can't really share it, but will post whatever I can...