Table to Table Joins or Relates Not Publishing

Discussion created by citrusmosquito on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by citrusmosquito
ArcGIS Server & Desktop 10.1 SP1

If I publish a map with table to table joins or relates, the tables loose there joins and/or relates when published. A simple example is get 2 tables on a blank map (you will have to add a feature class also to publish), do a table to table join or relate and publish it as a map service with only mapping capabilities and default settings. SDE is in data store and no data gets copied.

A feature class to table join or relate publishes just fine. My tables sit in a SDE and the fields being joined are indexed.

I didn't have this problem in 10.0 and when upgrading it broke parts of my code. I know I can do a view but this seems to be a bug or breaking change in 10.1 SP1. I skipped over the 10.1 release so I don't know if it happened there.

Edit: Another thing I just found out. If you join or relate a table to a feature class, that also does not work.