Question about Install 10.1 Server for GIS

Discussion created by jvarao on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by Justin_Rodriguez-esristaff
I have 3 64 bit servers that I will use to install ArcGIS for server on.

We are a small organization of less than 500 people, only 10 of which use GIS.

1. Any recommendation on how best to use these three servers for growth?  (Should one be SOM and one SOC)
2. One department has ArcGIS for server 10 already in use and I will need to migrate it to the new server architecture.  Can I just do the install and then migrate later?
3.  We have 4 separate departments that use GIS 2 of which have sensitive data that cannot be shared with anyone.  What is the best way to separate this data, by security login or by addtional servers?
4. Other than the install help, can you direct me to any necessary help documentation that will help me install.  I am familiar with GIS and I am also an MCP, but this install is a new experience for me.  No one here has successfully installed ArcGIS server before.