Invalid hierarchy error- Network Analysis

Discussion created by JoyStraley on Feb 4, 2013

Project at hand is to migrate routing data from old Trapeaze Routing system over to new US Computing Inc. "Compass routing  system".Creating road networks data set for our newly migrated School Bus /Road Network we get over 12,000 records that signfy that the hierarchy of these 12,000 road segments is invalid. We believe that the data type setting between the Function class fields/hierarchy do not jive. Function class was set as integer in Trapeaze, we asked US computing if function class had to remain integer. We were assured that everything should work as either text or integer. It does not seem to be the case. So what I would like to  know is, is there a way of changing the data type for a specific field all at once? Also if we have 13 different function classes what would be the best stratgey for decreasing the number of function  tAny help would be great!

Thank you.
Joy Straley