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Shortest Path taking in 1 facility each from a number of facility classes

Question asked by danlewis85 on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by danlewis85

For a given individual, I'm looking to create the least cost route that would take in 1 of each kind of facility in my dataset.

Let's assume I have 10 facilities of 5 types, with 2 facilities in each type. I would like to return a distance in which one of each of those 5 types of facilities is visited, in any order, finishing either: 1) back at the origin point, which is distinct from the facilities, 2) at a different destination point, that is again distinct from the facilities, or 3) At the final point of the facilities to be visited.

One of each of the types of facilities must be visited, so there would be 5 total visits, and in this case, 5 facilities would not be visited as visiting them does not fall on the shortest path.

Is this possible?

It strikes me that this is like a travelling salesman problem: rather than visit each city in a set of regions, the salesman must visit just 1 city per region in a set of regions containing many cities.

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