Feature service not saving editing/tracking functionality

Discussion created by bgfield on Feb 4, 2013
I've created a feature service (hosted on ArcGIS online) that I want users to edit.  I've gone into the service and clicked the boxes to allow editing, and tracking of edits.  When I save, the feature service says that editing and tracking is turned on, but when I go back to look at the service later, they're both listed as "Disabled".  Strangely enough, users can still edit features, but their edits aren't being tracked.

I can only think of one reason why this may have happened - this particular service had to be updated at one point.  I'd previously downloaded the shapefile to make the necessary updates, deleted the existing service from my account, and re-uploaded it.  The old service saved all this information, but the new one doesn't.  Has anybody experienced this issue before?