Rasters not shown on 64-bit

Discussion created by ArielLo on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by ArielLo

I'm having a strange problem while compiling my application to 64bit.

For some reason, I am able to see the ECW raster files while loading the MPK in the 32bit version.

However, when loading the exact same MPK on the 64bit version, I cannot see the raster files.

The only reason I am able to view the rasters is if I load them into Raster datasets in a geodatabse and not simply as files.

I have checked in both deployments (32bit and 64bit) the option of "Additional Data Formats > Raster > ECW Rasters" and this problem only happens in the 64bit version, not the 32bit.

Any ideas?