Creating Footpath Network in Buildings/Campus

Discussion created by austinrut on Feb 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by austinrut
I'm attempting to create a network to model foot traffic in a large /multi-building high school. I've created the edges for my network based on point destinations. I feel like I have included all the neccesary attribute fields in my source feature class but continue to get:

Warning: No route from location "Graphic Pick 1" to location "Graphic Pick 2".
Error: No solution found.

... when I attempt to solve a route problem. Does this have something to do with attibute fields in my source feature class? How I've built the ND?

The fields included in my source feature class are: ObjectID, Shape, Minutes, F_ELEV, T_ELEV, Oneway, Length, SHAPE_Length, and Description.

Any ideas on where I should start looking for solutions? I've looked and looked at help files but it seems nothing talks about how to create the source feature class you want to use for a network dataset and what fields it should include.