Google Code Frame  Anything bad I should know?

Discussion created by amarsden on Feb 2, 2013

I've been testing my new internal ArcIMS replacement - we're stuck on XP/IE8 for at least another 10-12 months.  I don't want to roll out on this platform as the speed is painfull

Google Chrome Frame seems to be the answer - a plugin to IE that runs stuff in Chrome behind the scenes.  An additional metatag, adjustment to web.config or GPO settings are all that is required to get specific pages to render in chrome rather than IE.

Plus side - much faster script, get CSS3/HTML5 stuff like the fade in tiled services

Known minus side - increased attack surface for internal browser.
More memory usage as it fires up instance of chrome in tha background.

Hs anyone else had any experience?  At the moment we think we can take the downsides.