Legend vs sprites

Discussion created by msubeer on Feb 1, 2013

I have a question about the legend widgit.  I have arc server 10.0 sp 4 and I am still using api v2.8, so maybe this has already be discussed. I was wondering if it is computationally more 'expensive' to build a legend widgit with the respectCurrentMapScale set to false (building a legend for all my layers) rather than building a legend based on a sprite I create myself.  (the web server is also the arcgis server) I am new to building sprites, but they seem very effective, and a few websites make it very easy to do.  I admit I had an application that created a legend by pointing the img srcs to the map service.  gross I know.  and wow that creates a ton of https requests.... even broke our service a few times... but I digress... In the future, If the legend widgit does not get created from 1 http request, it would be great to see that built into the service.  A create sprite from legend items sort of function available from the map service url would be perfect.  Again if the legend widgit is not as efficient as a sprite, it would not only help me, but many folks who make their services public would benefit.  It stops unnecessary http requests hitting services altogether.  Thanks for your time.