Retrieving data From one table to another table

Discussion created by hchapa89 on Jan 31, 2013
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Hopefully someone could help me. Watch the video below it explains my problem and you can actually see what i am talking about.
I write the problem. I have two attribute tables and they have a field in common. I am trying to do automation either by python or field calculator to get information from one table to another one. I could do it manually but that would take me time which i dont have a lot of time.
I also have lync so i can seen you an invite for you can see my screen you dont need to have the software just an internet connection.
My email is hchapa@lrgvdc911.org and my number is 956-682-3481 ext. 143.

My name is hector.

See the video the link i provide below it will explain and you can actually see the problem thanks.