IFeatureClassManage.UpdateExtent requires close of ArcCatalog

Discussion created by BillyBuerger on Jan 30, 2013
I have some code that projects data in a FeatureClass without creating a new one (and new ObjectIDs).  So the X/Y coordinates of the data generally shifts by a large amount requiring me to update the spatial reference domain and extent of the FeatureClass.  The extent thing is what's giving me some issues.  I can get a schema lock on it and I run IFeatureClassManage.UpdateExtent but the extent doesn't change.  I've tried compacting the database and updating the spatial index but the extent still won't budge.  The only thing that seems to work is closing ArcCatalog.  After that I can open it back up and run the UpdateExtent method and the extent finally gets set to the correct values.

I'm thinking something must still have a hold on the FeatureClass that it can't update the extent and it only gets cleared out after closing ArcCatalog.  But then you would think that compacting or updating the spatial index would complain.  Any thoughts?