First GIS project as an intern

Discussion created by msmorgan7 on Jan 30, 2013
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I am currently interning with my local planning and zoning department. The first project I have been tasked to complete is to create a map of a popular highway using aerial photography which labels all of the commercial businesses by name on the road. I will also need to seperate which parts of the highway are incorporated and which ones are not.

I took an introduction to GIS class about a year ago but do believe my skills are pretty rusty at this point. I was planning on using the aerial photography resources here at the department to get a good image then rectifying it to one of the road maps already created here. Is this the proper route for me to take? If I am able to rectify well enough then I can simply add text boxes for each business and do some form of color diferention between the zones that are incorporated and the ones that are not.

Does this sound like the proper way to go about tackling this task?