unable to recondition or burn stream into raster

Discussion created by wbw on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by cdartiguenave-esristaff
I'm using ArcHydro on some very flat land.  I've gone through the process to get basic stream lines, though not very detailed.  I want to go back to the original raster and imprint the stream lines into it and run the process again in order to get more detailed stream lines.  Both the DEM Reconditioning and the Burn Stream Slope require a vector for Input Stream, but the lines must have elevation for the tools to work.  In my process the only vector streams I have have NO elevation.  I'm unsure how to get this to work.

My Process = Fill Sinks, Flow Direction, Flow Accumulation, Stream Definition, Stream Segmentation, Drainage Line Processing, Catchment Grid Definition, Catchment Polygon Processing, and Drainage Point Processing.  I'm trying to go through Drainage Line Processing, and then start at the beginning with it to go through the entire process.