OGC compliant WMS services , Image Services

Discussion created by gerlahi61 on Jan 30, 2013
I have 2 questions concerning WMS services.

According to the documentation Image Services should be OGC compliant for WMS.

I have the following problem: I created an Image service and got the capabilities which are automatically generated by a GetCapabilities Request.

If I validate the generated xml file, I see the following problems:

Unable to locate a reference to a supported schema type (DTD, W3C Schema) within this document instance.

The solution is to substitute this part
<WMS_Capabilities version="1.3.0"

<WMS_Capabilities version="1.3.0"

After this correction there is another error:
          <HTTP><Get><OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/></Get></HTTP>

Element <GetStyles> is not allowed under element <Request>.
Reason: The following elements are expected at this location (see below)
Error location: WMS_Capabilities / Capability / Request / GetStyles

After cutting off the GetStyles section the xml file is valid.

If I create the service as a map service the xml from the GetCapabilities Request is fine.
Is this a problem of ArcGIS Server and will it be resolved ?
Second question:

I encountered the following problem with the map service SampleWorldCities xml from the GetCapabilities Request and also for other services. How can this be fixed ?

Value '180.000122' is not allowed for element <eastBoundLongitude>.
Reason: Value '180.000122' violates 'maxInclusive' facet value '180'.
Error location: WMS_Capabilities / Capability / Layer / EX_GeographicBoundingBox / eastBoundLongitude
cvc-maxInclusive-valid.1: For type definition 'wms:longitudeType' the value '180.000122' is not numerically less than or equal to its 'maxInclusive' facet value '180'.
cvc-datatype-valid.2: The value '180.000122' is not a member of type definition 'wms:longitudeType'.
cvc-simple-type.1: For type definition 'wms:longitudeType' the string '180.000122' is not valid.
cvc-type.3.1.3: The normalized value '180.000122' is not valid with respect to the type definition 'wms:longitudeType'.
cvc-elt.5.2.1: The element <eastBoundLongitude> is not valid with respect to the actual type definition 'wms:longitudeType'.

extract of xml:

How can I set this automatically created values in the right way and where (in ArcMap) ?

Thanks for your help.