10.0 toolbar (from 9.2 code) install succsful; Enable 4 non-admin users.

Discussion created by mravichandran on Jan 29, 2013
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dear Readers,
i had migrated a 9.2 sp5 toolbar to arcgis 10.0 using methodologies indicated in esri's website.  re-compile and re-adjustment of libraries allowed me to completely test the toolbar and its functions on my dev machine.  each time,  i had to start visual studio 2010, i ran it as an administrator during the dev process.
the project was set with following hi-level options:
1. 2010
2. arc objects 10.0 (not 10.1)
3. framework = .net 3.5
4. target cpu = x86 (not any)
5. windows 7 OS (64 bit)
i was able to debug the app on my machine and test the functions that were already working in 9.2 sp5 version  of the tool. 
i saw that we had to change the installer.vb file (in my proj, it was old style 9.2 already part of the toolbar proj).  then i changed the custom action conditions /arg1="[ProgramFiles]...\MyProject.dll" for both install and uninstall.  
after making all the above mentioned changes, i ran .msi file on my workstation as an admin.  the installer works fine on my workstation  - both installation and the toolbar automatically showing up.  i sent the .msi file to my colleague in another state and requested her to test it.  she is not an admin and had to request ITS staff to install it for her.  after a successful installation by the ITS staff as an admin user, she tried to add the toolbar from .tlb and expected her to be admin.

1. Is DonDuncan's methodology the suggested way to install the toolbar. 
2. will not the toolbar show up automatically after installation as it did in the 9.2 / XP world for all users?
3. if the admin user enables toolbar 1 time and selects all users during installation, will it be available to non-admin users?
thank you for your time.