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I was giving a class last week and wanted to provide a link to my Bounding Container toolset which used to be located here


and I know you are going to a new ArcGIS online galleries link.  But why did you kill the former access points?  Why didn't ESRI migrate the content?  Why does the Galleries link default to Web Content Only instead of All Content?  Why is there only 200ish links on the new site?  I can't find anything that I need for my courses.  I can't find anything searching by author since they (like myself haven't had time to migrate content).   What is going on!  Improvements are killing me, I now have dozens of teaching documents that I have to edit to provide new links IF I can find the new ones.

Put the former site back online.
Add a new Scripts and Tools link instead of that Galleries link
Enable Search By Author

Patience is wearing thin and I am only 3 weeks into a 13 week course.