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Discussion created by SamuelHenderson on Jan 29, 2013
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Firstly, sorry for the vague title. I didn't want to make it too specific and scare off any potential viewers :)

What I need advice on is the best way to have an ASP.Net WebApplication write a new feature into a featureclass stored on our SDE server.

I understand that that referencing the ArcObject assemblies directly from the website is a violation of the ESRI license?  I got that from this post:

I've thought about having a Windows WCF Service running and listening to requests from the ASP.Net website and then pass the information off to an ArcPy script that would insert the feature, but to me this seems kind of messy and that there must be a better way.

I'm thinking ArcServer is probably my best bet ... But I know next to nothing about ArcServer.  All the examples I find are talking about map controls and stuff that I won't need at all.  All I need to do is take information entered by the user and then insert it into a featureclass.

What should I do?