Help: Calculate the shortest straight line flying route to fly a list of coordinates

Discussion created by pilot_76 on Jan 28, 2013
Hi all
I'm new to this, and I have a problem I need to solve, and would love to get some help.

I have a spread sheet listing a big number of locations (coordinates). I have plotted all points on to a mat in ArcMap.
My problem is how to get the software to calculate the shortest straight line flying "route" to fly all to all this locations. It???s like a Traveling Salesman Problem, our the route function built in to ArcGis, but in this case there is no roads. It need to be straight lines ???as a bird fly???, passing all locations in the best possible order so total distance is the shortest. I would like it to calculate the best order to pass the points, calculate and present the distance between each leg, and total distance as well.

I would like it to work like "points to line", but sort the points in the best order so the total distance is the smallest possible.

The issue that geodesic distance is not the linear distance will not be a problem for me. All this is very short distances so that difference will not be a problem.

All route solutions I have found so fare is for finding the best route in a road systems, that don't help me.
I would really appreciate some help. And again, I???m new to this so please keep it simple.