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Translating or Rotating an excel list of points to fit the coords of a benchmark

Question asked by kltrooper on Jan 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by Wayne_Whitley
I have an excel list of the coordinates created for a list of points. The last point in the list was to a survey monument, for which I have the original, accurate coordinates. I'd like to adjust the coordinates for all of the points to fit the actual coords of the survey monument. I have an ArcInfo 9.3 license, with the COGO toolbar and spatial analyst. I don't have Survey Analyst. The cogo toolbar seems to only allow adjustment of traverses, not collections of points. I'd like to solicit comments from the community about the following ideas:
If I knew the amount of direction & distance I wanted all of the points to move (to match the adjustment of the last point to the monument) should/could I adjust the coordiates in excel before creating a point feature? 
Could I select all of the points in arcmap and globally shift them by a specified direction & distance? I realize I could simply just select all of the points and shift them, with the editor tool, but I can't figure out how to, globally, shift the points a specified distance and direction. The edititor direction - distance tool does not shift all of the selected points at once.
I've heard of a toolbar called the Parcel Edititor; would this tool accomplish my objective? If so, what gis extension is the parcel editor associated with?