GA Layer to Points loop

Discussion created by cogswella on Jan 25, 2013
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Hello All and thank you in advance for your assistance!

I've got some python code for the GA Layer to Points function:

# Import system modules
import arcpy

# Set local variables
inLayer = "E:/Old_C_Drive/Andrew/NEREIDA/Sackville Spur 2013/SS interpolated layers/500 currents max.lyr"
inPoints = "E:/Old_C_Drive/Andrew/NEREIDA/Sackville Spur 2013/Shape/ss_photo_pos_jan2012.shp"
zField = ""
outPoints = "E:/Old_C_Drive/Andrew/NEREIDA/Sackville Spur 2013/Shape/ss_photo_pos_jan2012b.shp"

# Execute GALayerToPoints
arcpy.GALayerToPoints_ga(inLayer, inPoints, zField, outPoints)

This code works well for a single iteration but I would like to extract data from many GA layers to a single set of points. Has anyone devised a way to do this. It does not seem to be possible within Model Builder using the iterate tools.