BUG: 10.1 Clip and Select by Location reading all envelopes

Discussion created by harrybowman on Jan 25, 2013
I'm going to try to get IT to let me log an incident.

Clips and select by location is reading every single feature in the target feature class that falls in the bound box of the selecting/clipping feature class. Performance for one clip feature is good - performance for multiple features is awful - with correct timing, you can watch the all the features get selected. This happens from the ArcMap interface as well, so maybe the problem is in ArcObjects, not GP. With millions of features and a tiny number to be clipped, this is killing my workflow.

Same problem as :

FileGDB, both the target and selecting/clip data have spatial indices. Latest clip on 36 million lines being clipped by 1484 polygons has taken 12 hours so far. I have another, similarly sized operation to do.

I have no time to drop and rebuild the spatial index, but simple operations like panning and zooming work OK - while doesn't spatial select and clip?