Access to ESRI modified Dojo source files for custom build?

Discussion created by bcward79 on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by bcward79
We have found that the JSAPI (as of v3.2) includes direct modifications against some of the dojo modules (e.g., dojox/gfx/_base).

Can we get a copy of the un-built version of the dojo stack (dojo, dojox, dijit) that includes the ESRI modifications?  That way we can use this as the basis for our build, and combine in the built JSAPI modules at the end of our build profile.  To be clear - we are not asking for the un-built version of the ESRI modules; only those that are in the dojo/dijit/dojox stack.

We are unable to run our dojo build against the built version of dojo that comes with the JSAPI.

We have a large application (databasin.org) with a ton of custom dojo dijits, and thus run our own dojo build.

A few months ago, we figured out how to do a combined dojo build (1.7.4) with the ESRI JSAPI (3.2) package.  This  allowed us to create a single built version of dojo + jsapi + our code that we can host with our app.  Overall this works great, except for a few quirks that we weren't able to understand until recently.

For example, most graphics do not render correctly in IE8 using the above source files or version built from them, but work just fine if we simply use the ESRI hosted JSAPI.  We finally traced this to differences in the versions of JSAPI dojo modules.