ARC 10.0 CADToGeodatabase() syntax to write to existing FC in existing group dataset

Discussion created by mrskyp on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by khodge-esristaff
I want to write geometry data (polylines,polygons,polygons with holes) from a dgn CADfile to a specific Featureclass under a specific group dataset (group layer). The FGDB is an empty template, I don't want to create a new table, just add new records to existing FC.

The ESRI example Python code does not show how to include the group dataset name. I have tried adding the dataset name at the end of the output gdb path with included backslash, and tried prefixing the output featureclass name with dataset name plus backslash. Errors, doesn't recognise the input parameters.

I can read the dgn just fine and create a new FC, but it is placed directly under the FGDB and that is not what I am looking for. How do you add data from a dgn into a an existing template exactly where you want it?

If CADToGeodatabase() is the wrong tool, then can I read geometries one by one from a dgn, then use something like InsertCursor to populate my empty FGDB? (InsertCursor at least allows locating the right level on the FSGB structure).

What Python code do I need to make something work?

Rob Pearce,
Gardline Geosurvey
Gt Yarmouth, England