A question about Geoprocessing within Model Builder

Discussion created by yppmark on Jan 24, 2013

I looked for a modebuidler forum but can't find one so thought I would ask here.

I've been working through a number of 1kmx1km aerial photographs.

I've been processing them using unsupervised classification then converting the resulting raster dataset to polygons then selecting all polygons with a gridcode of 1 and then exporting these as a shapefile.

I feel confident that I could create this process in Model Builder.

What I was hoping for some advice on is that I need to do this to hundreds of aerial photographs.

What would be the best way to get Model Builder to automatically work through each aerial photograph in turn contained within a folder and then move onto the next one once all the processing is finished.

Is there a way to do this already? I understand I might have to do some scripting in python.