New Model Build, Creating New Turn Class using outside Turn Delay Data

Discussion created by clintoncooper on Jan 23, 2013
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Hello.  First I want to thank you for your help in advance.  I am a newbie, and just starting out on building a new Transit Network Model.  The data for the model consists of a node feature class which represents roadway intersections (stop lights, stop signs, etc) and a roadway line file with all the attributes about the roads.  It was given to me by our DOT and I made several updates to the network to build in our transit routes (meaning some of the routes of my agency were not in the original network given to me and I had to modify it).

A third file was given to me that is a turn by turn file that gives the delay penalty for each turning movement at one of those nodes.  The file is in a format where A is the direction from which you are coming, B which is the node at which the delay is occurring, and C which is the new direction after the delay node.  The final column in this file, is the delay for which that turning movement will incur.  This file includes about 14,000 turning movements, making it impossible to enter in by hand.

I am trying to figure out how I get this file into Network Analyst  and how to create a new turn feature class.  I have read all the tutorials and help resources and still cannot find this answer.  Please, I need a detailed description of how to accomplish this, and not just please go visit ???X??? resource.  Again thank you in advance!!