Model Builder_Appending while iterating

Discussion created by juliengre on Jan 23, 2013
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I'm trying to do a process and my only problem is with the last part, which concerns appending so all the shp I have done are regrouped in a big SHP.

I explain myself.

I'm working on a shp name Buffer_600_800 which contains 4000 polygons. I have to select them individually to perform an intersect with a polygon shp name Ad06. Therefore, I have made a iterate field value on each of Buffer_600_800 and then it performs the intersects adn after each polygon is divided into approximately 10 polygons. The problem is that after that iteration, each of the 4000 polygons of Buffer_600_800 are a distinct SHP. Moreover, I have to make additionnal operations, so each SHP created don't look the same as does Buffer_600_800 (more fields).

I am now in front of the problem of re-uniting all these polygons into one shp. I tried integrating a Create Feature Class but then at each iteration, it creates a new shp again, so useles. I can't put it before the iteration because I need to define the template feature class so that new SHP will look like my SHP that i just created (which has more fields).

I can always create one SHP manually and then append to this one, but as I am doing this quite often, I would like to know if some of you have some ideas!!!

Thank you