Run Dialogue Box

Discussion created by drutland on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by cfox-esristaff
I am currently attempting to run a very large model using the model builder package in ArcGIS.  It has a mix of Python scripts and toolboxes that are running in iteration. 

I left the model to run overnight, the run dialogue box (really a report) stopped parsing through the data.  Its like the bar to scroll down is stuck at the bottom of the scrolling field.  However, I can page down, and roll my mouse wheel to move the section down.

As you probably know, just because the model says it "completed" doesn't mean that it did so without errors.  I need to be able to get to the bottom of the list to make sure it completed successfully, but it is taking an extraordinarily long time. 

Is there another place I can access this dialogue?  Are there ways that I can prevent every calculation step from reporting in this window? 

Thank you