Visible scales example bug

Discussion created by pafkorn on Jan 22, 2013

After updating our application to jsapi 3.3 we've noticed a bug with visible scales.
The code has been copied from this sample

We have lods from 4 to 15 as visible ones. It worked like a charm until transition to jsapi 3.3.
Now a map could correctly zoom only up to 11 level only (in any browser). If we zoom higher lod (12-15) the tiled basemap layer stuck at the 11th (though dynamic layers are zoomed correctly).

Actually the map couldn't show that number of high approximating lods which is equal to the number of starting lods missed.
E.g. for visible lods from 2 to 15 the bug would appear only on 14 and 15 lods. There is not this bug for 0 to 15 visible scales.

Mentioned sample on the site can't zoom correctly either. (Check it at

Is this issue known and would be fixed soon?

Pavel Kornilov