Printing a rotated data frame in ArcGIS 10.0

Discussion created by LucStappaerts on Jan 21, 2013

We have the following problem : we have an SDE layer with polygons that overlap. To make sure that the polygons are shown in a certain order, we give them an attribute with an integer value - max. 15 different values are possible.
In ArcMap, we add 15 layers to the TOC, each querying the SDE layer with a different value of the attribute. The order of these layers in the TOC and thus the value of the attribute used in each query, then determines the order with which the polygons are drawn.
This went well in ArcMap 9.x, but in ArcMap 10.0, when the data frame is rotated, the order of the polygons is not correct any more during printing or exporting. When no rotated data frame is used, all goes well.
This means that the order of the layers in the TOC is not maintained while printing rotated data frames in ArcMap 10.0 with data coming from SDE.

Did anyone experience the same problem and found a solution? Is this perhaps a bug which is solved in a SP or 10.1?


Luc Stappaerts