Changing Annotation Reference Scale for Copied Feature Class

Discussion created by jchampagne2 on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by cd65023
As the title indicates, I'm duplicating annotation feature classes (copy/paste) in my geodatabase and I need to change the reference scale of the copy. However, the first time I open the properties of the feature class (through the Catalog window), the tabs pertaining to Annotation features are not present. If I close and restart ArcMap, the Annotation tab appears but the 'Change' button for the reference scale is greyed-out. If I restart ArcMap one more time, I can now interact with the Change button and move on.

My question is this: is the behavior described above intended? It seems extremely kludgy to EVER have to re-start the software completely to perform a mundane/trivial task (see also anything related to schema locks in ArcMap). What's the story?