Accessing Secured OGC Services tomcat 499 error

Discussion created by mmoran0013 on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by JQuinn-esristaff
I have a multiple machine Arcgis Server (linux) instance up instance up. The site is secured via ssl/https (only), and pulls users from ldap. Roles are stored locally (will be switched over soon).

I recently started tooling around with some test services, and noticed that if i locked down services (restricted to certain roles), when i made calls to the WMS GetCapabilities() i received a tomcat 499 error (even when logged into the correct users/roles). This error really doesn't help me (it means something like client closed connection). The service can still be viewed using the default esri mapping, but WMS support is needed. Any ideas as to what would cause this?

Note: I Have the web adaptor installed (linux again), but am still using token based authentication (haven't worked out how to do web tier without IIS). The tomcat 499 error happens regardless of the web adapter being there or not (took a while to realize it was the arcgis internal server throwing the error) I am also Fairly new to Arcgis server, so I am hoping it is something obvious i have just overlooked.