Analyzing and Publishing GP Script Tool VERY SLOW!

Discussion created by mtdave on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by VBAHole
I have a Python Script Tool that I am trying to publish to an Geoprocessing Service. It is a pretty simple script and runs fine in ArcCatalog. I published it once and it went fast. Then I needed to change some input parameters so I deleted the service and I recreated the tool and tried to publish again. I renamed everything. The Analyze in ArcCatalog finished without any errors but took a long time (~15 minutes). I then rebooted the server and am now trying to Publish from the Service Definition and it is really slow once again. It has taken 10 minutes and is only at Creating Service Definition. Dang I hate these black boxes! What is going on? I miss the 10.0 method of publishing!

Thanks, Dave