Assign raster values to polygon feaures

Discussion created by KarinH on Jan 17, 2013
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I have a vector layer with buildings as polygons. I have a DEM in raster, cell size 5 m. I would like to calculate the max and min values of the raster for each polygon and populate the attribute table with these values.  I know this can be made from the "zonal statistcs as table". This worked fine, until I realized that the tool first converts my polygon to rasters before calcultaing the numbers. That makes that parts of the buildings wont be represented and the values will be wrong. I want all parts of the building to be counted for! See the quoted text from the help below:

[INDENT]If the zone input is a feature dataset with relatively small features, keep in mind that the resolution of the information needs to be appropriate relative to the resolution of the value raster. If the areas of single features are similar to or smaller than the area of single cells in the value raster, in the feature-to-raster conversion some of these zones may not be represented.[/INDENT]

Is there any way, without altering the resolution of the ratser dataset to make this operation?

Greatful for any help!

/Karin Henrikson

ps. I also tried a tool in Xtools Pro with the same result.