create random points from a raster

Discussion created by players62 on Jan 17, 2013

I know this question has been asked already but couldnt find an answer that fits my problem.
So I started doing an interpolation from a shapefile (points representing water depth).
From that, it gave me a raster with multiple values that I classified into 2 classes (values under 3 meters and values higher than 3 meters).
I then clipped this raster (data management tools - raster - raster processing - clip) to my working zone.
I now want to create random points from this clipped raster by creating 50 random points from each class and this is where I need your help. From the tool (data management - feature class - create random Points), it doesnt seems to give me the opportunity to create points from each class that I generated.
Am I missing something / doing something wrong ? I'm still learning to use ArcGis and I would greatly appreciate your help with this matter.

Thank you.

Edit : I looked into Hawth's tool but from what I've seen, it's been discontinued and not working on arcgis 10.