Network Analyst (NA) - VRS - selecting most effective school buses for routing

Discussion created by Ernestocd on Jan 17, 2013
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Hi everyone,
I am currently working with Network Analyst (NA) to solve a school bus routing problem. I have the following scenario. I have one depot where all school buses are located. Drivers must be driving from that source point to various locations to pick up the students at their home in the most cost effective and logical way (it is a door-to-door service). Once the driver picks up all the students, they need to deliver them to their respective schools. I will like to solver to take into consideration the fleet capacity, the gas and maintenance of the fleet vehicles, as well as the driver???s salary. I also have a student with a wheelchair specialty.
The flee configuration is as follows:
??? 100 school buses
o      25 buses - 24 passengers
o 30 buses - 18 passengers
o 40 buses - 12 + 2 (2 wheelchairs) passengers
o 5 buses - 9 + 1 (1 wheelchair) passengers
I have noticed that when I add the fleet properties into the solver, the solver prepare the routes according the same sequence and order they are added into that table.
Is there a way to force the solver to select the most cost-effective vehicles from the fleet according to our needs taking into consideration the time windows, gasoline, fleet capacity, and salary?