Export collects textures multiple times or doesn't use original absolute texture path

Discussion created by zsoftware on Jan 16, 2013
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We're using CE to generate content for a real-time application. Our city is pretty big and has a lot of Models generated. We're using the FBX export pipeline to finally convert the content so it is usable by our application. With textures, we've run into two problems:

(fyi, we're using one-file-per-shape export, not one big single file for the whole scene)

a) If we're checking "collect textures" during export, CE will copy the same source texture to the export path multiple times, apparently once for every model. This creates a lot (really much data!) overhead in data size and forces us to use a heuristic to identify duplicate textures during the conversion step

b) If "collect textures" is not checked, CE just writes file names (not paths) as texture references into the FBX. It would be more convenient if CE would write the absolute path of the source texture (i.e. from the projects assets folder) to the FBX. This way, every texture would easily be uniquely identifiable and would spare the artist from having to keep texture file names unique (they may be in different paths, but could be named the same) so our duplicate detection heuristic would never find false duplicates.

We think this may be a useful (and probably easy to integrate) extension/modification of the export process.

Oliver Iking

Z-Software GmbH