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Context menu problem at 3.2 and all IE versions

Question asked by jgonsoski on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by jgonsoski
At 3.2 (dojo 1.7) or 3.3 (dojo 1.8), context menus don't work properly in all versions of IE. Prior to these releases, right-click context menus would auto-focus to the first child menu entry. To cancel the menu with making a choice, you click anywhere in the map. Now that no longer works with IE and the menu persists on-screen until you either make a choice in the menu or select some other dojo menu elsewhere.

You can demonstrate this using the ESRI provided context menu sample found here:

Using IE, if you right-click the map, the menu will appear, but left-clicking anywhere in the map does not remove it.

This is obviously a dojo problem in dijit.Menu and only a problem with the IE browser.

If anyone manages a workaround, I'd love to hear about it as this is a show-stopper for moving my apps from 2.8 to 3.2.