Published tiled map service not saving symbology

Discussion created by bgfield on Jan 16, 2013
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I published a tiled map service to ArcGIS Online.  It's a waterbody, so I used the "lake" template in ArcGIS (blue fill with a darker blue outline).  When I initially published it to ArcGIS Online, the symbology was correct.  After making a map with this layer, I went back to use it again and the symbology had changed to a basic green with a gray outline.  When I zoom in, at the second largest scale some of the tiles will have the correct symbology while others have the wrong symbology.  At the largest scale, all the tiles seem to have the correct symbology.  All other scales I get the green fill.

How can I correct this?

Here's a link to the service:

EDIT: Just looked at my service again and now the symbology is once again correct.  Any idea why it's sometimes working and sometimes not?