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Relating returned order of 'Stops' back to input data

Question asked by jgamble-esri-ca-esridist on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by jgamble-esri-ca-esridist

I am trying to build on the Esri Silverlight route example, using the ESRI_Route_NA service.  I am successfully submitting and displaying the calculated route data.

I have a GraphicsLayer that contains a listing of stops (or point attributes) that I am using for the input RouteParameters.Stops.

I want to be able to identify the sorted order of Stops that was determined by the routing service.  From what I have read, the 'SourceOID' field in the returned Stops object should contain the ID of the original stop.  In my testing, this is not the case.

Can anyone tell me how I can map this SourceOID field from my input?  The output SourceOID looks like contains a unique value identifying the stop, but it is a number that has no relation to my input attributes (that I can find).  I have tried renaming my input attributes to be 'SourceOID' or 'SOID' without any luck on the output.

Any help is much appreciated.