JTX migration to WMX

Discussion created by ufeliciano on Jan 15, 2013
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We have JTX 3.2 in our production environment running ArcSDE 9.2 in Oracle  We are planning to upgrade hardware and software starting next month and our goal is to implement all latest technologies (Oracle and ArcGIS 10.1) in a new box.  Since we understand that importing existing feature classes to a new installation is a lot cleaner than upgrading from such an old environment, we want to know if is possible to do a new installation, create the GDB, import the feature classes from the old database, and (this is our major concern) import just the JTX schema using Oracle tools (since we want to keep the JTX tables and history), and then run the migration wizard of WMX.  Can this be done???  Any suggestions are more than appreciated.