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Zooming map doesn't update basemap tiles and geocoder dijit question

Question asked by jay.gregory on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by michaelschnack
I am using v3.3 and the geocoder dijit.  I've added a custom address locator, and attached a handler:
dojo.connect(geocoder, "onSelect", doSomething); function doSomething(results){    console.log(results);    map.setExtent(results.extent);    map.setZoom(12);    }

However, when the map zooms, the tiles are blurry and the feature layer isn't drawn.  Furthermore, if I try to manually zoom (either using my mouse scroll wheel or the zoom controls on the map itself), the map returns to the previous extent instead of the next zoom level - no matter if I try to zoom in OR out.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Also, in the geocoder dijit, does specifying the "onSelect" handler override the default behavior for using the default Esri World geocoding service, or is that completely separate?  When I geocode using the Esri World Geocoder Service, the zooming and panning seems to work find when a result is selected.